Yahoo is building a new calendar app with the Sunrise team

Sunrise, the best calendar app that ever existed, was sunset in 2015 by Microsoft after some of the best Sunrise features were ported over to Outlook’s calendar. Even if there are many mobile calendar apps out there, none of them even come close to the Sunrise. None of them are well-designed and polished like Sunrise. Today, the two tech giants, Google and Microsoft, own the calendar app market and make hundreds of millions of people use their apps.

According to TechCrunch, Yahoo is building a new standalone calendar app called Day. The best news is Yahoo has recruited Jeremy Le Van, one of the co-founders of Sunrise, to help design the Day app. What’s more interesting is the company has said that Le Van’s team gets total freedom to develop the new Day app independent from Yahoo branding or integrations. So, they will make this calendar app integrate with whatever email client and other tools that users use daily basis.

The Day app is currently invite-only until its public launch in the future, and now you can also sign up on the site for early access.

This new calendar app may not be able to fill the gap of Sunrise, but it might contribute to the development of new calendar features in the future.

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